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Why Dog Shoes?

Of course you love your dog, cherishing every waking moment with that furry little companion! Why not advertise your love to all the world with custom designed dog shows, portraying your own beloved breed on the cover? Show the entire world your love with every single walk, regardless if your pooch is beside you or not!


Whether you are a man, woman, boy or girl, we’ve got hundreds of extravagant dog shoes to suite your own diverse, daily needs! Walk in style with our extensive list of top 100 dog shoes at the end of this article, or visit our store (link provided at the end) to search through our varied listings for yourself.

The Power of Advertising

Multi- Billion dollar giants, like Nike, can influence purchasing power with a mere 4 inch logo displayed on their products. Manufacturers like Adidas and Puma do the exact same thing; the marketing strategy doesn’t change. With each t-shirt logo you display, every pair of shoes you wear, you are helping these corporate monsters earn millions.


We can all agree- they certainly don’t need the extra boost. The top 1% wealthiest people in America don’t need to become any wealthier.


For the Dogs

Countless unfortunate dogs sit in shelters all across the united states, alone and forgotten- many awaiting a quick death at the end of a syringe. This problem doesn’t have to exist; we don’t ‘need’ to destroy over three million companion animals annually. The culprit is pure greed, the greed of massive breeders knowingly thrusting far too many animals into a world that can’t support them, and the governments that allow this only because it means a simulated economy- more money for them.


In many underdeveloped third world countries, no laws exist protecting against animal cruelty. Heart Wrenching stories exist of limbs being hacked away merely because a dog decided to chew on a neighbor’s shoes he left out, or any other manner of abuse.


It is these unfortunate, forgotten animals that need your help! They are the ones that truly need your marketing and advertising, not already wealthy, comfortable people. It is the shelter dog that needs your advertising.

Greyhound Shoes & Sneakers

Walk in Style!

Express your doggy pride to the world! Beautiful, clean dog shoes, with literally any combination of photos, make a much greater statement than a black ‘check mark’ slash, or three tiny lines. Display your favorite breed, the dog you love most, your own little fur-child, to all the world! Create a statement that means something.


After all, what is cuter than our adorable little fur-children? If you’re a classy dog owner, these items are a must have for you!


Beautiful Coloring

Coloring is extremely important when it comes to advertising, clothing, and standing out in general- as opposed to disappearing in the crowd. You will find countless combinations of hundreds of bright, vibrant colors among our listing of quality dog shoes! We also have calmer colors for the quiet, content individual.

Black Lab Women's Classic High Top Canvas Shoes

America’s Favorite Dog Breed: Labrador Retriever

The infamous Labrador Retriever, loved by millions of adults and children alike, wasn’t originally from America at all. Bred toward the late 1600’s, the Labrador Retriever was in fact a Canadian breed- although he went by a different name then.


Conceived to happily withstand frigid temperatures off the coast of a growing fishing community in eastern Canada, the (then) St. John’s Water Dog would often work beyond exertion to satisfy handlers, assisting fishermen with their many jobs!


It is this intense desire to please, water resistant coat and ingrained retrieval instinct that helped skyrocket the Labrador Retriever to the number one favorite dog breed in America today!


  • Labrador Retrievers (St. John’s Water Dogs, Lesser Newfoundland) grew alongside the famous Newfoundland, bred for the very same purpose!

Great Dane Shoes & Sneakers

Our Number One Most Popular Dog Shoe- the Great Dane!

Originally bred in early Germany, the Great Dane of today was actually engineered to assist hunters of old, once a very reputable boar hunter and estate guardsman for the wealthy, rich and powerful nobility of the time!


Today, much of the Great Dane’s once famous aggression has been bred out over time, giving us the beloved docile ‘gentle giant’ we know and love!


Great Dane: AKC

The Great Dane combines, in its regal appearance, dignity, strength and elegance with great size and a powerful, well-formed, smoothly muscled body. It is one of the giant working breeds, but is unique in that its general conformation must be so well balanced that it never appears clumsy, and shall move with a long reach and powerful drive. It is always a unit -- the Apollo of dogs. (American Kennel Club).

Little Known Facts about The Gentle Pug

Among our top five most popular dog shoes, Pugs have both a rich and ancient history! Once traded amongst chinese nobility, held to such high esteem they were considered equal to the emperor’s wives, even given their own guards, pugs were an extremely important part of Chinese history.


Once, as the story goes, a silver pug named Pompey saved the life of his master, William, the Prince of Orange. One fateful September night, back in 1572, Pompey was able to hear the all but indecipherable footfalls of enemy invaders. The rest of the camp fast asleep, if Pompey had not alerted them to the silent danger, every soldier would have perished.

Pug Water Colour Women’s Draco Running Shoes

Running/Exercise With Your Dog!

At one time, thousands of years ago, wolves participated in extensive and strenuous pack hunting activities, sometimes going for several days at a time without a meal. Not only were they forced to endure these hardships, they also needed to either guard or bury their kills to prevent any number of other hungry predators from sealing their prize.The domestic dogs of today are provided their meals and shelter, no longer needing to expend the mental or physical exertion they one did.


In other words, they need exercise! They need to experience nature via daily walks, play with toys, even learn mentally challenging tricks. No dog will be content waking only to sit on the couch all day while their master leaves for an 8 hour work day, only to return and slouch in front of a television before repeating the process.


Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! With our many vibrant and durable running dog shoes available, you will never find yourself at a loss for the correct footwear!


 A few reasons to exercise with your dog:

Exercise is fun.

Exercise can be a bonding experience.

Exercise is healthy for both owner and dog.

Exercise can help reduce your dog’s (and your) weight.

Exercise helps the mental well being of dogs.

Exercise improves sleep.


Believe it or not, dogs are often better behaved and less anxious after physical exertion and good exercise. This is especially beneficial before leaving your dog alone before going off to work, or settling anxiety prior to company arriving. Exercise is also recommended prior to dog leash training, causing the pet in question to be less likely to bold ahead or pull after some unknown interest.


Exercise helps limit distractions.,

The List: Top 100 Dog Shoes

Check out our list of 100 best selling dog shoes below, and share your own pup with pride!All of our high quality dog shoes are custom made, sparing no detail and providing only the most durable products!


  • Full canvas upper, two sides printed, round toe, metal eyelets for a classic look.
  • Soft inner lining adds to comfort.
  • Lace-up closure for an adjustable fit, uppers of canvas for comfort and durability.
  • High-quality rubber outsole material that offers exceptional traction.



  1. Great Dane Canvas Shoes
  2. Scottish Terrier Canvas Shoes
  3. Pug Canvas Shoes
  4. Rottweiler Canvas Shoes
  5. St. Bernard Canvas Shoes
  6. Boston Terrier Canvas Shoes
  7. Shetland Sheepdog Canvas Shoes
  8. English Bulldog Canvas Shoes
  9. Dachshund Canvas Shoes
  10. Poodle Canvas Shoes
  11. German Shepherd Canvas Shoes
  12. Siberian Husky Canvas Shoes
  13. Australian Shepherd Canvas Shoes
  14. Doberman Pinscher Canvas Shoes
  15. Greyhound Canvas Shoes
  16. American Staffordshire Terrier Canvas Shoes
  17. Border Collie Canvas Shoes
  18. Miniature Schnauzer Canvas Shoes
  19. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Canvas Shoes
  20. Labrador Retriever Canvas Shoes
  21. Boxer Canvas Shoes
  22. Alaskan Malamute Canvas Shoes
  23. English Mastiff Canvas Shoes
  24. Poodle Canvas Shoes
  25. West Highland White Terrier Canvas Shoes
  26. Pembroke Welsh Corgi Canvas Shoes
  27. Shar Pei Canvas Shoes
  28. Weimaraner Canvas Shoes
  29. Australian Cattle Dog Canvas Shoes
  30. Shih Tzu Canvas Shoes
  31. Basset Hound Canvas Shoes
  32. Newfoundland Canvas Shoes
  33. Dachshund Canvas Shoes
  34. Havanese Canvas Shoes
  35. German Shorthaired Pointer Canvas Shoes
  36. Afghan Hound Canvas Shoes
  37. Greyhound Canvas Shoes
  38. Pitbull Canvas Shoes
  39. Staffordshire Bull Terrier Canvas Shoes
  40. Dogues de Bordeaux Canvas Shoes
  41. Rhodesian Ridgeback Canvas Shoes
  42. Beagle Canvas Shoes
  43. Bernese Mountain Canvas Shoes
  44. Dalmatian Canvas Shoes
  45. Australian Cattle Dog Canvas Shoes
  46. Dachshund Canvas Shoes
  47. Bullmastiff Canvas Shoes
  48. Corgi Canvas Shoes
  49. French Bulldog Canvas Shoes
  50. Chihuahua Canvas Shoes
  51. Golden Retriever Canvas Shoes
  52. Bernese Mountain Pattern White Women's Classic Canvas Shoes
  53. Dachshund Pattern Black Women's Classic High Top Canvas Shoes
  54. English Cocker Spaniel Canvas Shoes
  55. Papillon Canvas Shoes
  56. Pekingese Canvas Shoes
  57. Great Dane Canvas Shoes
  58. Whippet Canvas Shoes
  59. Bull Terrier Canvas Shoes
  60. Chow Chow Canvas Shoes
  61. Greyhound Pattern White Women's Classic Canvas Shoes
  62. Maltese Canvas Shoes
  63. Bichon Frise Canvas Shoes
  64. Vizsla Canvas Shoes
  65. Pomeranian Canvas Shoes
  66. American Cocker Spaniel Canvas Shoes
  67. Bernese Mountain Pattern Black Women's Classic High Top Canvas Shoes
  68. Greyhound Black Women's Classic Canvas Shoes
  69. Greyhound Running Pattern No.1 White Women's Classic Canvas Shoes
  70. Greyhound White Women's Classic High Top Canvas Shoes
  71. Yorkshire Terrier Canvas Shoes
  72. Jack Russell Terrier Canvas Shoes
  73. Labrador Retriever Canvas Shoes
  74. Akita Canvas Shoes
  75. Neapolitan Mastiff Canvas Shoes
  76. Samoyed Canvas Shoes
  77. Old English Sheepdog Canvas Shoes
  78. Irish Wolfhound Canvas Shoes
  79. Corgi Pattern White Women's Classic Canvas Shoes
  80. Pug Pattern Black Women's Classic High Top Canvas Shoes
  81. Custom Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Canvas Shoes
  82. Bloodhound Canvas Shoes
  83. Miniature Pinscher Canvas Shoes
  84. American Eskimo Dog Canvas Shoes
  85. Dachshund Pattern Black Men’s Classic High Top Canvas Shoes
  86. Greyhound Running No.1 White Women's Classic Canvas Shoes
  87. Greyhound White Women's Classic Canvas Shoes
  88. Pug Pattern Black Women's Classic Canvas Shoes
  89. Pug Pattern White Women's Classic Canvas Shoes
  90. Yorkshire Terrier Water Colour No.1 White Women's Classic Canvas Shoes
  91. Lhasa Apso Shoes & Sneakers - Custom Lhasa Apso Canvas Shoes
  92. Doberman Pinscher Canvas Shoes
  93. Bernese Mountain Pattern White Women's Classic High Top Canvas Shoes
  94. Dachshund Pattern White Women's Classic Canvas Shoes
  95. English Bulldog Water Colour No.1 White Women's Classic Canvas Shoes
  96. German Shepherd Pattern Black Women's Classic High Top Canvas Shoes
  97. German Shepherd Water Colour Pattern No.1 White Women's Classic Canvas Shoes
  98. German Shorthaired Pointer Pattern White Women's Classic Canvas Shoes
  99. Golden Retriever Pattern Black Women's Classic Canvas Shoes
  100. Great Dane Pattern Black Women's Classic High Top Canvas Shoes


    Why not take a look at our high quality dog shoes for yourselves? Your adorable little fur-kid will happily thank you!


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