Perfect Gifts for Dog Lovers

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Christmas is right around the corner. Or is it your best friend’s birthday? Maybe you just want to treat yourself. You’ve probably racked your brain trying to decide how to show your loved ones you care; any old gift certainly won’t do. Your present is going to have to be something special.


Don’t worry, your search stops here. No matter the occasion, a dog related gift makes for perfect gifts for dog lovers!

Shoes for Dog Lovers

Basketball lovers have Nike’s Air Jordans. Running enthusiasts have a wealth of Asics to choose from. Adidas, Puma, Reebok; the list goes on and on. They all display their logo brightly for all the world to see; just one big walking advertisement.


But what about ‘Man’s Best Friend’? Who is going to proudly display pictures of their favorite breed, marketing a bastion of hope for all shelter dogs in need out there, instead of a meaningless slash or oddly shaped flower symbol for some billion dollar corporate giant?


You are! Proudly display beautiful images of the breed of your choice for all to see.


No matter your taste, no matter how uncommon or unusual the breed, we’ve got it! Now, instead of helping gigantic, wealthy, greedy corporations market their products, you can truly make a difference to the animals out there who desperately need your help!

Bags for Dog Lovers

What better to announce to all the world your fondness for dogs than customized bags for dog lovers? The old saying ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ still counts. Let your dog loving associates out there show off their canine enthusiasm to the world!


  • Are you a fan of the mighty northern Alaskan Malamute or Siberian Husky, dog breeds who would be more comfortable spending the night outside in 15* weather underneath a blanket of snow than inside your warm house?
  • Maybe you prefer the lively Jack Russell Terrier, on of the absolute best fox hunting dogs in the world?
  • Or is it the lovable American Staffordshire Terrier, great for families and one of the very best dogs to raise around children?


Not only do they get to show off their affinity for our lovable little fur-kids, but your dog lover of choice has a wonderful, handy bag for dog lovers to tote around whatever suits them. They can:


  • Express their animal love in written context!
  • Show off a custom printed photo of their own dog!
  • Store their dog’s toys in a designated area!


Looking for a designated space for dog toys? What better to fill that position than customized bags for dog lovers? The proactive enthusiast can even train their pup to put away his toys in the bag!



Shirts for Dog Lovers

Perhaps it is a customized t-shirt you want to express your canine admiration with? Wear your favorite breed with pride, for all the world to see!


  • Maybe you want to display the ancient Wolf, ancestor to all dogs of today?
  • Or is it the lovable little Dachshund, once bred to hunt boar, that appeals to you?


Forget about sports stars; I can all but guarantee they aren’t thinking of you. To tell you the truth, Nascar doesn’t need your support to be a multi-billion dollar industry. People probably aren’t going to pay much attention to that silly quote that really markets for some beer manufacturer in disguise.


Unlike the three listed above, dogs actually do need your support! You know that little Dachshund spending 80% of its’ life in a little 4X4 cage down at the shelter? What about the puppy mill dog who was bred en masse along with countless others, if only to help line some greedy man’s pockets? These guys desperately need their presence to be known!



Doggy Costume

Earlier the question was asked: What’s cuter than a dog wearing shoes? Well, a walking taco is cuter! Or a ‘hot dog’! Perhaps your pet deserves to be dressed like royalty, or maybe you were thinking ‘superhero’ cape? In the end, what dog lover wouldn’t find this absolutely adorable?


  • Halloween is a perfect time to socialize your puppy with children. Your buddies pup will be the talk of the town, and love the attention he receives!


It doesn’t have to be halloween for you (or your fellow dog lover’s) fur-kid to dress up. After all, we buy harnesses for our dogs all of the time. Why not switch out that harness for a santa costume?



Socialization is extremely important for any dog owner who expects to bring their pet out in public (halloween)!


Some people don’t want their dogs desensitized to strangers or children, but remember this- most child- bite victims were attacked by dogs whose owner didn’t bother to properly socialize. Biting is a natural reaction in a situation a dog doesn’t know how to deal with, and almost never the animals fault. Unfortunately, the dog is often labeled ‘bad’ or ‘damaged’, and put down.


Halloween offers a perfect time to begin socializing (& desensitizing) a puppy to young kids. Bring on the costume!


Some Great Costume Ideas:


  • Rat Terrier- Elf!
  • Chihuahua- Taco!
  • Dachshund- Hot Dog!
  • Basset Hound- Grinch!
  • Beagle- Superman (or Superdog)!
  • Jack Russell- Bat Man!
  • Great Dane- Horse!
  • Black Lab- Skeleton!
  • Chow- Lion!
  • Bernard- Santa!


There are almost 200 dog breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club, and that is only one organization (no matter how large it may be). The list above can only be limited by your imagination!


Create Your Own Dog Costume:

With some old clothes and a bit of ingenuity, constructing a dog costume from scratch is well within any dog lovers’ ability.


Good Old Dog Toy

Last, but not least, don’t forget the good old dog toy! Whether it be dog treats, rawhide chews, rope toys, bouncy balls, ‘Kongs’, or treat puzzles meant to stimulate your pup’s mind, dog toys never go out of style!

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